Instructions to run Linux-Bench - CPU

LiveCD Method (no hard drives required

Step 1: Download the Ubuntu 14.04 LiveCD, mount it on the server (through iKVM or using a burned CD/DVD) and boot the server from the media

Step 2: At the welcome screen select "Try Ubuntu"

Step 3: Open a terminal window (the application name is Terminal)

Step 4: Make yourself root sudo su -

Step 5: Install curl using:apt-get install curl

Step 6: Run the benchmarkbash <(curl -sk

At the end of the run you will see a line that says "ref_link" and has a number next to it. You can use that ID number on and it will display benchmark results in a formatted web page. You can then share that ref_link with friends.

Alternative methods

As root/ super user (sudo su -) type:
bash <(curl -sk


chmod +x
sudo ./

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